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Welcome to the new home of Saipan's writers. The mission of this site is to provide information, inspiration and ideas for Saipan's many writers, and to showcase Saipan's writers to the world!

Through this site, you'll be able to find and contact authors, purchase their books, sign up for writer workshops led by book coach Walt Goodridge and hosted at various locations on Saipan!

Succcess Stories, Photo/Video Gallery & Upcoming Workshops!

As an author, what others may refer to as your "little flights of fancy" have the power to set you free! Are the rumors true? Did I really turn down a publishing contract so I could maintain that freedom!? Read all about it in the Marianas Variety and in The Saipan Tribune -- Walt Goodridge (Saipanwriters founder)

MOST RECENT WORKSHOP: Saturday, July 20, 2019 on GUAM!

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Following are Saipan residents (and others) who, through my workshops or coaching, have gone on to complete and publish their books!

Success Stories

Chun Yu Wang, former garment factory worker (and with my help), published Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin, Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan, used in Women's Studies courses and Textile courses in at least 3 colleges in the US! Visit www.saipanfactorygirl.com for interviews and videos and read all 159 reviews on Amazon
Riza Ramos, a nurse at CHC and multiple workshop attendee, has published three books, The Boy Who Dreamed to be With His Parents on Saipan, GermStopper Boy (both children's books), and Drinking Seawater (a typhoon Soudelor account and memoir). She's finally living out her childhood dream of being an author! You can check out all of her books at www.rizaramosbooks.com and on Amazon

"I learn something new and gain additional knowledge every time I attend your workshop. There's magic in it! After every workshop I go home with more new book ideas that someday I'll bring to the world!"--Riza
Dr. John Joyner, long-time resident, serial entrepreneur and educator, published This Baby Can Speak English (a child development guide) in English, Spanish and Chinese (with translations by Angie Hu), after attending workshop #3! You can check it out at www.thisbabycanspeak.com and on Amazon
Zaldy Dandan, editor of the Marianas Variety newspaper on Saipan, inspired by the workshop, published We'll Kiss Like It's Air and We're Running Out of It (a book of poetry), Die! Bert! Die! (a book of short stories) and How I Discovered What Really (probably) Happened to Amelia Earhart (a novel). Check out Zaldy's latest book!

"I've published 3 books already thanks to you and your workshop which was a well aimed kick in my lazy patookus. I think I've 2 more books of poems in me, and possibly another short-story collection! God bless you Walt and more power!"--Zaldy
George Gomez, workshop attendee, inspired by the ease of the process, started a publishing company and published a Cajun recipe cookbook of Chef Donn Gueniot's best recipes! Find it online on Amazon!
Tony Peters, workshop attendee, published his The Alphabet in Tropical Nature book, featuring simple educational tools of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9 against a backdrop of nature photos taken right here on Saipan!
US Mainland
Chief Warrant Officer Dylan Raymond isn't a Saipan resident (at least not yet!), but through phone and skype coaching, I helped him to publish Rucksack to Briefcase: A civilian-side, job-hunting guide for service members & their families a guide to help veterans transition from military to civilian life! Dylan uses his book as he does seminars around the country. If you know a veteran or family who could use this book and/or coaching, you can find out more at on Dylan's Facebook Page, also on his coaching website and on Amazon

"Working with Walt on a business level was an amazing experience! His keen insight and passion while coaching me through the process was great. He knows when to push a little and give a little without you losing momentum. His recommendation on the [first edition] cover design as well as the professional set up of the website was right on point. Couple that along with the timing of the subject matter, helped me to make two pre-order sales--one print copy and one e-book-- in less than 24 hours of launch--and the book [wasn't] even printed yet! That floored me. I can only imagine what the upcoming results will be!" --Chief Warrant Officer Raymond, author of Rucksack to Briefcase: a civilian-side job-hunting guide for service members and their families

To Walt: "Man, I can't thank you enough for pulling more out from me than I thought I had!"
Ken Greene, a Port Authority employee at the time, was actually inside World Trade Center #1 on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, escaped with his life as he evacuated the building, and then, heroically, went back in to rescue others! Check out When the Walls Came Down: A 9/11 Survivor's View of Life in America on Amazon!
Kamau Austin Internet search engine optimization (SEO) guru and genius, Kamau Austin, has helped countless others get their websites to show up on top of search engine results! Check out Kamau's book Always on Top on Amazon!
"Look, your coaching techniques work! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to write the book. It has helped in giving me a lot of exposure. I am featured with my daughter in the September issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine. The article is called "Search and Prosper".
You can see an online excerpt of the article HERE
Lloyd Glick (the reluctant Saipan writer!). At 90 years old, Battle of Saipan and Battle of Guam veteran didn't know he had a book to write! In planning for his first return to these islands 70 years after World War II, Lloyd and his wife Judy, contacted me to arrange a tour of both Saipan and Guam. In the course of making the arrangements, he shared his recollections, photos and insights into what it was like to be on the USS North Carolina during his tour of duty. All the while, unbeknownst to him, I compiled and crafted a special treat I planned to present to him upon his arrival: a memoir of his life! From Bugle to Boy to Battleship is a first hand account of Lloyd Glick's war experience and includes our actual email correspondence, and his return to both Saipan and Guam! Order on Amazon and check out photos of his hero's welcome on Saipan and a similar welcome on Guam
Nomadpreneur at large
Me! And, since the last workshop, I've published There's Something About Saipan! A visitor's guide to fantastic facts, tantalizing trivia, startling statistics, dramatic diaries and hair-raising history from America's most colorful island territory! AND The Amelia Earhart Saipan tour supplement. View them at http://www.cnmitourism.com. View all of my books at www.waltgoodridge.com/books
Want to live your dream life as a full-time author or other "passionpreneur?" Check out my Turn Your Passion Into Profit philosophy and formula! Check out my CV&Media Kit which includes my "Saipan-Specific Resume!"

So, how was the workshop?

"I wrote and published THREE books and writing more. It was an impossible childhood dream but your workshop and coaching made it possible!"--Riza Ramos (www.rizaramosbooks.com)

"Lots of good stuff...(eg. why we don't write, the courage & discipline angle, completion vs perfection, working from lists when the creative process actually takes place, the book-building exercise)"--Gary L.

"I SO much enjoyed today's session and the way you presented it (and yourself). Very inspiring and encouraging to start learning new "stuff" and get started. I can't wait for your next workshop. KEEP GOING !!! :-) Kind Regards"-- Sarka

"Thanks to you I did learn a lot about how to get published; and... dealing with what is basically laziness, what you said about time reminded me that it's really up to me to get it going. There's this old saying back home: 'if you want to do it, there are so many ways; if you don't want to do it, there are so many excuses.' The workshop was very helpful, and you were very informative. PS: Inspired by your workshop, I've returned again to my novel-in-progress, and this time I'm also coming up with a new plan that will, I hope, help me deal with the daily grind instead of just allowing it to sweep me away."--Zaldy D.

"Hi Walt, I definitely enjoyed your workshop-in fact, I felt that (at 3 hours) it was way too short. I wanted more time! It definitely exceeded my expectations. You delivered an insightful and resourceful presentation, and were also entertaining (not boring). Thank you for sharing."--Della Angel


Workshop #9 on Saipan!

Writers Workshop attendees pose after 9th workshop in series. l.to r. Gary L., Paul P., Sean P., Adjika, Walt, Riza and Jane

Workshop #8-First ever workshop on Tinian!

Thanks to the Tinian Mayor's Office and staff, and Friends of the Library, Tinian's first Writer's Workshop on Friday, July 13, 2018 was a resounding success with over 20 registrants and staff in attendance! Shown: Gene Borja, Julie Sablan (Library Supervisor), Euneen Mendiola, Elaine DelaCruz, Malena Hofschneider, Wayney Lizama, Alexis Hofschneider Kwon, Tania Mendiola, Walt Goodridge, Cassandra Randolph, (Vicky Hall hiding), Ryana Diaz, Nicole Ashley Diaz, Nikki Cepeda, Melanie Cruz, Denise Cruz, Rochelle Cruz, Ringo Reyes, Jovita SN Paulino, Nikki Cepeda, Cheryl Evangelista, Terence Aquiningoc Photo by: Michael Borja
Thanks also to Lina Cabrera (VIP car service), and Edwin Cabrera

KSPN Interview prior to Tinian workshop!

I was recently interviewed by Bob Coldeen of KSPN2 News here on Saipan about the upcoming writers' workshop on Tinian! The interview starts at 13:30, but check out the entire newscast to get a taste of life and media in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands!
Part 1 July 6, 2018 episode: www.vimeo.com/278623971
Part 2 of interview: www.vimeo.com/279002693

Workshop #7-Saturday, June 23, 2018 at the library

Authors, poets, photographers and artists--both published and soon-to-be--attend Walt F.J. Goodridge's 7th Saipan Writers Workshop at Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, Saturday, June 23, 2018 on Saipan, CNMI. 20% of the admission proceeds were donated to Friends of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library. Stay tuned for announcements of workshops on Tinian and Rota!

From left to right: Nhuy Cook, Egor visiting from Russia, Fernand Ramos, Rosemary Diaz, Joe Hill, Anhkiet Huynh, Jr., Walt Goodridge, Naomi Tudela, Zeraida Cuerdo, Ann Werstler, Rhea Rutaquio, Gary Liddle, Emily Van Weerdhuizen, Grace Brooks. (Not shown: Yuxin Jiang)

Workshop #6-Saturday, Jan 27, 2018 at the library

Jan 27, 2018: Authors, poets and artists--both published and soon-to-be--attend Walt F.J. Goodridge's 6th Saipan Writers Workshop at Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, Saturday, Jan 27, 2018 on Saipan, CNMI. 20% of the admission proceeds were donated to Friends of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library. Stay tuned for announcements of workshops on Tinian and Rota!
LtoR: Fei Fei Lei, Jacky Sheng, Martin Dalsaso, Joe Hill, LeeAnn Bonds*, Ambrose Bennett*, Walt Goodridge*, Euneen Mendiola, Emily Van Weerdhuizen, Jazzy Concepcion, Manuela Babauta, Gerard Borja, Riza Ramos*, Dylan Ramos and Beth Demapan, Technical Services Librarian. (not shown: Tony Peters*, Claire Grove, MD)
*published authors

Jan 27, 2018: Author, Tony Peters, workshop attendee, and his new children's book!

"Meet the Authors" Day!

Dec 29, 2017: Author, Riza Ramos, with her independently-published books at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library 26th Anniversary Author Meet & Greet event! You should have been there!
Dec 29, 2017: Author, Riza Ramos, at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library 26th Anniversary Author Meet & Greet event! You should have been there!
Dec 29, 2017: Author, Walt Goodridge, at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library 26th Anniversary Author Meet & Greet event! You should have been there!
Dec 29, 2017: Author, Walt Goodridge, at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library 26th Anniversary Author Meet & Greet event! You should have been there!

Workshop #5-Saturday, July 1, 2017 at the library

Aspiring and published writers from a wide range of backgrounds, passions and ages attend Walt's Writer's Workshop at the Joeten-Kiyu public library! July 1, 2017

Workshop #4-Saturday, April 8, 2017 at Northern Marianas International School

Aspiring and published writers from a wide range of backgrounds, passions and ages attend Walt's Writer's Workshop at Northern Marianas International School (www.saipanwriters.com) Back: John J. (NMIS Principal), Marlon R., Joe H., Riza R., Tim A, Cherry dG., Maryann H., Emily D., Steve W., Gary L. Front: Alana P., George C., Rose E., Walt G. (Presenter), Louie A., Tony P. (April 8, 2017)

Power 99 Interview

Catherine Perry Harris with authors Riza Ramos, John Joyner and Walt after interview to promote their books and upcoming workshop. The interview aired on Power 99FM on the "Your Humanities Half-hour" show produced by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council (April 1, 2017)

Workshop graduates and new book!

Workshop graduates, John Joyner and Angie Hui with Walt upon completion of This Baby Can Speak (Feb 17, 2017)

Workshop #3-Saturday, Oct 8, 2016 at Northern Marianas International School

Workshop at Northern Marianas International School (October 8, 2016)

Attendees of workshop at Northern Marianas International School (October 8, 2016)

Workshop #2-Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 at the library

Workshop at Joeten Kiyu Public Library (Feb 20, 2016)

Join the Family!

sign up to the Saipan Writers Google group for more! a collection of books by Saipan-based writers at Joeten-Kiyu public library

SAIPAN: Most Writers per Square Mile? Yes, we can!

by Walt F.J. Goodridge, assisted by Marlon Regaton, Rosalyn Ajoste, Ray DeLeon Guerrero, Beth Demapan and Lisa Hacskaylo. This articles appears here in the Marianas Variety
It must be something in the water or the lagoon's many inspiring shades of "saipan blue!" It may be the documented fact we have "the cleanest air in the United States"--and the effect that may have on creativity. Maybe it's our proximity to the Marianas Trench, and we're pulling deep thoughts from the deepest part of the ocean! Or maybe it's the tropical climate, and that (it's said) we're cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as having "the least fluctuating temperatures in the world." Whatever the reason, we may have one more thing to add to the list of what makes Saipan so special: I suggest to you we may also qualify as having "the most writers per square mile!"
Work with me on this one. From my unique vantage point as a book coach here on Saipan, it occurred to me recently that for such a small island, there are an awful lot of writers churning out books. Now, as you may know, Saipan is approximately 12 miles long by 5.6 miles wide, with a total land area of 44.55 square miles (let's say 45). What if, I thought, Saipan actually has more writers per square mile than any place else on the planet? That would be a feather in our collective cap we could boast about and use to carve out a new type of tourism!
To test my hypothesis, I set off to compile a thorough list! I recruited the help of Marlon Regaton of Bestseller Bookstore, Lisa Hacskaylo of Northern Marianas College, librarian Rosalyn Ajoste, and librarians Ray DeLeon Guerrero and Beth Demapan of the Joeten Kiyu Public Library, and to help create a list of Saipan-based, Saipan-inspired authors who met the following criteria:
1. Author need not be a current resident, but must have been born on or living on Saipan during the authorship (not necessarily publication) of at least one title.
2. Author may reside permanently elsewhere as long as he/she returns to Saipan for inspiration.
3. Books may be independently published and can be on any topic fiction or non-fiction.

A few days of exciting research ensued, and I now present, in alphabetical order, the first iteration of the "Ultimate Saipan Writers List" of individuals who--inspired perhaps by Saipan's sunshine, water, air, history, cultures and lifestyle--turned a passion for sports, cooking, poetry or unique life experience into these timeless literary works!

*= Writer's Workshop attendee or person I've coached on product creation.

Former Governor, Juan N. Babauta: In Retrospect

Kurt Barnes: Sports Legends of Micronesia

Beverly Battaglia (former Tinian resident): (1) A Pictorial History of the Northern Mariana Islands, Part 1; (2) A Pictorial History of the Northern Mariana Islands Part II: The Japanese Era

Manuel Flores Borja and Jose Somorang Roppul: Directory of Traditional Healers and Medicinal Plants in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Joaquin Flores Borja with Manuel Flores Borja and Sandra Chung:Estreyas Marianas Chamorro

Captain Carl Brachear*: How to Become a Professional Handyman

Genevieve S. Cabrera: Historic and Cultural Sites of the CNMI

Marie S. Castro (Miss Soledad): Without A Penny in my Pocket: My Bittersweet Memories Before and After World War II

Dennis Chan: Our Northern Islands: The first expedition to the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument

Bob Coldeen: (1) Bumps in Paradise - Tales from Micronesia and Beyond;

Zaldy Dandan*: (2017)We'll Kiss Like It's Air and We're Running Out of It: Poems & Other Impieties

Justice Jose S. Dela Cruz: From Colonialism to Self-Government: The Northern Marianas Experience

Don Farrel: (1) History of the Northern Mariana Islands; (2) The Sacrifice of Guam, 1919-1943; (3) Guam: A Brief History; (4)The Pictorial History of Guam: Liberation 1944 with Phyllis Koontz

Nancy Bo Flood: (1) Marianas Island Legends: Myth and Magic with Connie J. Adams (Illustrator); (2) From the Mouth of the Monster Eel: Stories from Micronesia with Margo Vitarelli; (3) Micronesian Legends with Beret Strong; (4) No Name Baby; Pacific Island Legends, and others.

Thomas Frank: (1)The Wrecking Crew

John Furey: Island Ecology & Resource Management + 15 contributing authors!

Guy Gabaldon: (1) Saipan Suicide Island; (2) American Betrayed!

Lloyd Glick*: (1) From Bugle Boy to Battleship: a Battle of Saipan Veteran's Memoir as told to Walt Goodridge

Walt F.J. Goodridge: (1) Saipan Living; (2) Doing Business on Saipan; (3) Jamaican on Saipan; (4) Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin; (5) Saipan Now! (6) How to Become a Nomadpreneur (2017); (7) Turn Your Passion Into Profit; (8) Ducks in a Row; (9) Living True To Your Self; (10) Jamaican in China; (11)The Obama Legacy, (12) The Obama Legacy Timeline; (13) Donald Trump: Let's Look at the Bright Side; (14) Masculinity 2.0; (15) The Man Who Lived Forever; (16) Fit to Breed; (17) A Clean Cell Never Dies, and others.

Arin Greenwood: (1) Tropical Depression; (2) Save the Enemy

Holani: Jihad: Holy War in Paradise

Dr. John B. Joyner*: (1)This Baby Can Speak; (2)This Baby Can Speak (Chinese) with Angie Hui; (3)This Baby Can Speak (Spanish) with Walt F.J. Goodridge

Dr. David Khorram: (1)World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails: Intriguing thoughts from an island on making life happier and healthier, and laughing along the way; (2) Don't Go Blind From Diabetes: An easy to understand guide to keeping your vision for people with diabetes; (3) Medical Procedure Technical Manual

P.F. Kluge: (1) The Master Blaster; (2) The Edge of Paradise: America in Micronesia (lived on Saipan while writing), and others.

Katrina Manning: (1) Marmalade's Exciting Tale (2) Lupus Obscurus (Children)

Dolores Ichihara Marciano with Rodante Guarda (Illustrator): I kandet Siha Gi Langet

Lino Olopai: The Rope of Tradition

Tony Pellegrino: Shrimp: The Way You Like It (a cookbook with Joe Race)

Bruce M. Petty: Saipan: Oral Histories of the Pacific War

Joe Race: (1) Moon over Manila; (2) Ramblin 'On; (3) Continuin' On and others.

Lynn Raulerson, Agnes Rinehart: Trees and Shrubs of the Northern Mariana Islands

Dr. Elizabeth Rechebei & Sam Mcphetres: History of Palau:Heritage of an Emerging Nation

Riza Oledan-Ramos*: (1) The Boy Who Dreamed to Be With His Parents on Saipan with Rodante Guarda (children); (2) Germ Stopper Boy with Rodante Guarda (children); (3) Drinking Seawater: of storms & survival with Walt Goodridge

Scott Russell: Tiempon I Manmofo'na and others Dave Sablan: A Degree of Success Through Curiosity

Barbara Sher "The Games Lady": (1) Social, Motor and Sensory Games,(2) Home Grown Baby, (3) Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things, (4)Self-esteem Games, (5) Early Intervention Games and many others! (For parents and children)

Alexander Spoehr: Saipan: Ethnology of a War-Devastated Island William Stewart: (1) Ghost Fleet of the Truk Lagoon: An Account of "Operation Hailstone"; (2) Business reference & investment guide to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands =: Kita Mariana Jichi Renpo bijinesu toshi gaido

Donald M. Topping, Pedro M. Ogo, Bernadita C. Dungca: Chamorro-English Dictionary

First Lady Diann Tudela Torres: A B Ch Yan Mas (Children)

Turtlesong Young Writer's Workshop: Costumes of Micronesia (organized by Kathryn Tutten-Puckett + 10 young writers)

Kathryn Tutten-Puckett, et al.: We Drank Our Tears

Scott Vogt and Laura L. Williams: Common Flora and Fauna of the Mariana Islands

Chun Yu Wang:* Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan with Walt Goodridge

Whispering Palms School Cookbook Committee: International Cookbook(5 Committee members: Lynn Corella, Jill Arenovski, Karen Buettner, Janet McCullough, Heidi Yelin)

Franicia Tomokane White: Count Them with Me; I Know You Love Me, Mommy and Daddy;The Blessings of Visiting Grandma and Grandpa; Healthy ABCs(Children)

Dottie Wintterle with Judy Flores (Illustrations) and Ann Rivera (Translator): Grandma's Love (Children)

At press time:
Jay Sanchez and Epiphanio Cabrera, Henry Sablan, Lynette Villagomez and Bobby Cruz, MHS Art Club's anti-bullying comic book writers! Daisy Demapan, Valentine N. Sengebau, Christy Sakaziro

Honorable Mention: Videoographers and Book Ideas:
Cinta Kaipat:Liewaila: A Micronesian Story "The Carolinians" Video Documentary
Mike Tripp: The Underwater World of Saipan Video
Dan Shorr*: Looking for America Video
Marlon Regaton: Marlon of Bestseller is the idea man behind my own Saipan Now: a photo adventure, and the soon-to-be-published Saipan Carolinian Language Book series

At first blush, we've identified 63 published writers (over 90 with group collaborations/special mentions) with books on sale at Bestseller or online, or available at the public library! Now, let's apply the GLAD Hypothesis & Formula (that would be Goodridge's Land Author Density Hypothesis & Formula in case you weren't paying attention):
GLAD Formula: writers divided by square miles = writers/sq.mile

63/45 = 1.4 writers/sq.mi (OMG!)
It's true! It's official! At just first blush, we're at almost 1.5 writers per square mile! Someone please do the research and let me know if any other US state, territory or commonwealth can boast the same! Internationally, forget what you'll read about Iceland (that one in ten will publish a book)! Don't be swayed by Norway's reputation (of having the best government support for authors). This is a major accomplishment!
However, we can do better! We must do better! If we're to credibly secure this new identity, we need to base it on the square miles of the recognized "inhabited" islands of Saipan/Tinian/Rota (45+39+33=117sq.mi), or even the entire CNMI (~179-185sq.mi)! We can do it! This was just a preliminary search and we know there are others out there!
So, I need your help! No, the CNMI needs your help! Did we miss anyone you know? Find any errors? Add yourself and books you know of at www.saipanwriters.com where you can view the growing list (with author bios and links). Email me at walt@saipanwriters.com, and follow the growth at Facebook.com/Saipanwriters!
Meanwhile, however, spread the word! Tell your friends: "Saipan: we've got writers for miles!!"

"Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job, followed his passion, started a sideline business publishing his own books, found the courage to quit his job, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day...and live a nomadpreneur's dream life."....and now helps others live true to themselves! Walt is author of Turn Your Passion into Profit as well as Ducks in a Row: How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now...before it's too late..and live passionately ever after!


Yes, I occasionally take on new coaching clients as my schedule and commitments allow. Email me for more details and Learn more about my other brands and identities at www.waltgoodridge.com

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